"The best most intuitive body work therapist
I have ever been treated by.
Using massage, stretching and incredible knowledge of the body Mudras literally put me back together.

Get a Mudras treatment for someone you care about."

Nigel Barker, World-Renowned Fashion Photographer

“I send all my clients to Mudras and I don’t preach what I haven’t tried first. It's the place to go, without a question.
If you are serious about your active life
and if you want to be the best, go to the best!”

Brey “the Beast” Pena, Co-Founder of the DogPound


“As a ballet dancer, I prefer a massage therapist who looks for insight into where my muscle tightness has originated. Yotam always makes a point to find the root of the tension.
I would recommend Yotam without reservation for both athletes and non-athletes alike.”

Georgina Pazcoguin, New York City Ballet soloist

“Thank you so much. I was transported
to another dimension!
Yotam is one of those gifted healers, his knowledge combined with intuition and passion for helping people.”

Dr. Robert D. Shire, Chiropractor



“I had a Mudras massage and I will never find another masseur to do for me what Yotam did!
Every time I tried a new masseur, I was faced with the task of explaining, but Yotam’s knowledge of the body,
how it works and what different careers demand of it
took all the explaining away.”

Derrick Davis, Phantom of the Opera Lead Actor

“I would hands down recommend Yotam to everyone I care about. He is welcoming, helpful, and takes pride in making sure his clients have the best possible experience.
I know you would agree if you had the pleasure of trying for yourself.”

Rael Linder, Financial Advisor